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Written by Hector Martinez
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Whether you have been sent this article by one of the support team members, or you are curious about learning about the support team, we recommend reading this entire article to get a better understanding about the team!

What is Bloxflip support?

The Bloxflip support team is a group of talented individuals who serve a vital role to the community. The support team is there to ensure everyone on the site has a clear understanding of how it works, and to provide support to people who are experiencing issues. In a time when you might be annoyed, or angry about a glitch or bug... support is there for you.

Why aren't they responding to my ticket?!

Right now, the support team is extremely understaffed. We are working hard to re-staff the team. However, there is currently only 3 support agents (27/02/2023)

Everyone on the support team works on their own time, whenever they have a chance. They do have a quota that they have to meet weekly, and are encouraged to reply to tickets. However, some support staff like taking the weekends off. During holidays, many of the agents take time to themselves. The team tries to reply as quickly as possible, however, they cannot be replying to tickets 24/7. Once a support agent replies to a ticket, it is assigned to them. This means that no other agents will reply to the ticket, and you will need to wait for them to reply. We get that this sometimes can be frustrating, but please understand that the team does this to ensure that there is consistency in the conversation. Please be patient with the team, and do not open another ticket if they don't reply. Another agent will most likely assign the new ticket you made, back to the other one.


I get it, the support team might feel like superheros who can do anything! While they are superheros... They cannot do anything. The support team has many limitations.

  • They cannot give out robux

    • If they could... why would they work here?

  • They are unable to tip you

    • Support team members are hard working people, you might think they have unlimited balance, and are very good at Bloxflip... However, they might be just as skilled as you, and might not have a lot of balance.

  • If there is a website issue, they cannot give you information about the ETA

    • Most of the time, developers don't even know how long it would take to fix an issue. Support team members alert developers of a situation impacting the website, and the development team gets to work. However, the support team doesn't usually get an ETA on when it will be fixed.

  • They do not have promo codes

    • The support team cannot give out free promo codes because they don't have any!

  • They cannot untip ban you

    • Tip bans are done by the server, and at the time of writing this, there is no way to reverse a tip ban.

  • They cannot respond immediately

    • Some support agents can reply to a ticket really fast! Others are busy and might not get back to you right away.

      • generating multiple tickets to get a different active support agent wont work! They can see all your previous tickets and might give the ticket back to the original agent.

  • They don't work for Roblox

    • They cannot change the status of your pending robux, or change your password.

  • They cannot force a deposit/withdraw to go through

There are many other things that a support agent cannot do, and it is important to note that if they tell you that they cannot do something, they aren't lying to you! The support team is there to assist you, they have no reason to lie!


The support team works very hard and can sometimes encounter a troll. The support team is capable of blocking people from opening tickets, banning people from joining rains, chatting, joining trivias, tipping, etc.

Bad reviews

Leaving a bad review on a ticket, aka, giving a support agent the 😐 face or lower in the review system, can result in punishment. You can still express your opinion, however, if the support agent helped you to the best of their abilities, while being kind to you, do not leave a bad review. The support agents are not magicians and cannot do everything. Leaving an unjustified bad review will result in them banning you from joining rains, chatting, joining trivias, tipping etc.

They don't do this because they are mean, they do this because a bad review causes harm to the entire team.


Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully you have a better understanding into the support team, and how they operate.

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