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I have Robux but I can't use it (Ghost Robux)
I have Robux but I can't use it (Ghost Robux)

Do you have robux in your wallet that you can't use? This article can help!

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Ah, the mysterious ghost robux. In this article we will talk about what causes this, and how to fix it!

What is ghost robux

Ghost robux is when your wallet (balance) shows that you have x amount of robux, but cannot use it.

What causes ghost robux?

When withdrawing on Bloxflip, our system automatically transforms the balance you are attempting to withdraw into ghost robux. In order to better explain the cause, imagine you have 50 robux, and attempt to withdraw 20. Our system will turn 20R$ from your balance into ghost robux until it fully withdraws and verifies it withdrew the robux.

Why does the system do this?

Withdrawals are not instant, and sometimes fail! The system automatically applies ghost robux, so that you do not use the robux before the system withdraws it.

How to fix the issue?

Simply click on withdraw on the bloxflip website. This is the furthest option to the right on the top menu, or furthest option down in the menu for mobile users. Once you are there, press on "robux", then press the "cancel all pending withdraws" button.

Still having issues? Contact the support team on the website by pressing this button.

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