Everything you need to know about tipping, tip bans, being unable to tip, and how to tip on Bloxflip can be found here!

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Everything you need to know about tipping on Bloxflip can be found here. If you are still having issues with tipping, contact the support team on our website.

What is tipping?

Tipping is a way to send money from your account to someone else's account. When tipping, you do not get anything in return.

How to tip?

In order to tip, simply go to the bloxflip chat, and type the following. ".tip (user) (amount)". An example would be ".tip JohnDoe 20"


On Bloxflip, we do not allow you to tip someone who is on the same wifi network as you (IP address). This means, if you and your friend are both using Bloxflip at school, on the same wifi network, and attempt to tip each other, the system will add a flag to your account, making you unable to tip again. We prohibit this since people would be able to have alt accounts, and tip their balance to their main account.

It won't let me tip!

To tip, firstly ensure that you have deposited 10R$ or more. If you have deposited 10R$ or more, and you are still having issues tipping, this usually indicates that multiple accounts are registered on Bloxflip from the same wifi network (IP address). Bloxflip only allows one account per wifi network. There is currently no ways to bypass the restriction. VPN's will not work for attempting to bypass this restriction. Sadly, the support team is unable to remove the restriction from your account. In the near future, we are hoping to add a feature to remove these restrictions.

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