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What's a Bloxflip predictor and how to download and use one?

Written by Aris S
Updated over a week ago

Bloxflip predictors claim that they're able to predict the outcome of games such as Crash, Mines, Towers with high accuracy.

This article will explain below the types of the predictors and how do they work.

Types of predictors

First of all, all Bloxflip predictors are FAKE! All those applications are a complete scam. There are the two types of predictor scams:

  • The ones that generate a completely random output

  • The ones that try to do some "statistical analysis" on the previous game results - still a scam!

Random number predictor

This kind of predictor uses a RNG (random number generator) to generate a completely random crash multiplier. Typically those scams are sold as a Discord bot where you put the round id and you get back the fake prediction. Sometimes there's also an app that you can download.

Predictors based on "previous game stats"

Those programs typically load the previous historical data of the games, and apply some arbitrary mathematical formulas in an attempt to predict the next outcome.

Each Bloxflip game outcome is completely unrelated with all the other previous ones. This means, that this kind of analysis is not accurate at all and it's no different than the other kind of predictor. You can read more in this article Gambler's fallacy - Wikipedia

Are predictors safe to download?

No! Downloading a predictor allows the creators of it to have full access to your Roblox account and to your computer! We have observed hundreds of accounts that were hacked by the predictor owners by using the "tip" command on behalf of the account holder.

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