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Need Robux for the arcade in Bloxflip? This article is here to help you.

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Our website offers a wide range of alternative methods to get funds, these methods are the only other trusted domains to utilize.

1. BloxFlip's User Affiliations

Easily earn back a small portion of wagered credits from your friends and players who use your link. This only applies to new players to the website, you must sign up with your personal

2. Blox.Land

An allied platform where you can complete custom surveys and install applicants to earn credits to deposit into your balance. This is completely free and easily to navigate.

3. Rain Giveaways

Rain giveaways are evenly disturbed within all the entered players, there are a few requirements to be eligible. Keep an eye out on the website for free donations from other players.

• What is Blox.Land?

It is a website which is providing free robux to its users. For earning robux users has to complete tasks, invite their friends and do other tasks in the website.

• Are these sites legit and trusted?

Yes. Both of them are allied of BloxFlip.

• Are these sites illegal as well?

All websites that are third-party users of ROBLOX are classified against the Terms of Service. Termination and flagged accounts will not be under our responsibility, please use the website at your own risk and under your own authority.

• If I need help or support regarding to these free robux sites, where can I find them?

For the Blox.Land, you can find them on their discord server.

For the BloxCrusher, you can find them on Crisp which you'll need to download the app first. There is a live support button in the footer after downloading it.

• FAQ •

• What's the easiest offer in Blox.Land?

Quiz Offers which you'll need 100% score to complete it and App Offers.

• Are there any free robux methods?

Yes, There's another free robux methods, but most of them are scam, sketchy, and low payment. We'd recommend you to use these free methods mentioned instead.


If it doesn't answer your questions or it's not here what you are looking for, please open a ticket regarding to free robux. We're happy to help and answer your questions.

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