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• Where do I find the withdrawal tab / How do I withdraw my robux?

1. (PC) You can find the withdraw button at the top center of your screen.

(Mobile) You can find the withdraw tab if you clicked the three lines which collapse and reveal the withdraw button.

2. Click it and select type the amount you desire to withdraw

3. Once the transaction is complete and successful, there will be a small green notification at the bottom side telling you it’s SUCCESSFUL.

4. You may exit the page, but don’t sign out of any accounts and you're done.

NOTE: Make sure you have 1 active place/game in your Roblox account, The system will take care the rest means you don't need to make a gamepass or set your private server. Everything will be transferred through gamepasses, shirts or, private servers under one of your active places.

• How do I cancel my withdraw?

To cancel a withdrawal, slide the slider on the scale back to zero/0 on the GUI.

• How do withdrawing works?

Withdrawing’s an automatic process once you’ve manually selected the amount to withdraw. You can only have one active withdraw at a time and there’s a 30% fee per withdraw...

• How long does it take to get my robux after I withdrawed my robux?

Funds take anything between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to show up in your pending. It takes 3 to 7 days to pend through your account. It depends on the "demand" of R$ as well.

Check your pending here.

• How do I fix these minus balance and red empty message?

A MINUS BALANCE and RED EMPTY MESSAGE usually means your cookie has expired because you've recently logged out of your ROBLOX account. To fix this, log out and login with your new cookie OR use Roblox username and password method.

Try clearing your cache and history of your browser as well.

• FAQ •

• Does BloxFlip cover/pay tax?


• What's the minimum to withdraw your robux?

10 robux. Same goes to deposit.

And 1 robux deposited as well.

• Is it instant pay like are we going to join to a Roblox group to get paid?

No, Roblox updated the group which makes you wait 2 weeks to be eligible for payout.

• Is there any other way to make our pending robux unpend?

No, you need to wait 3-7 days for it to be unpend.

• Can I close the tab or browser after withdrawing my robux?

Yes, you can only close it if you're logged in on roblox username and password method. If you're using cookie method then no. It will refresh its cookie and your withdraw will be cancelled.

• Can I withdraw my robux to my another Roblox account?

No, you can't nor it will be added.


If it doesn't answer your questions or it's not here what you are looking for, please open a ticket regarding to withdraw. We're happy to help and answer your questions.

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